No Xplode N-Tensity NT - Pre Workout Supplement

Supplement Overview

  • Manufacturer: BSN
  • Product: No Xplode N-Tensity NT
  • Price: $33 - $40
  • Key Ingredients: Caffeine, Arginine

No Xplode N-Tensity NT is supposedly a more potent version of the regular NO-Xplode. From our experience with this product, we couldn't tell the different in N-Tensity vs. NO-Xplode of old. It fizzes like hell, just like regular No Explode. By the way, does that fizzle annoy you guys as much as it does us? Who wants to wolf down Alka Selzer before hitting the gym. Not sure what that's all about.

Anyway, we had a pretty decent workout with it. It's quite expensive for what you get, and we dread having to drink this stuff prior to hitting the gym. It just makes us feel bloated and leaves us with a weird feeling in our stomachs. Not bad, but not good either!

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