Best Pre Workout Supplements

Last Updated: September 21, 2012

Join the dialogue on the latest information on pre-workout supplements, and share your thoughts on what you think is the absolute best pre workout supplement you have ever taken.

What's The Best Pre Workout Supplement of 2012?

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Top Pre-Workout Supplement

Finding the best pre workout supplement can be a daunting task, and almost outright impossible. We know you don't want to waste your time and money on crappy products, so we will do it for you. We poll unbiased consumers for commentary, and we physically take all of the pre-workout supplements ourselves in the quest for top pre workout supplement.

Best Pre Workout Drinks

This is another touchy subject for most people. Does it have too much caffeine? Does it not have enough? Does it work, will it keep me up at night and mess with my sleeping. These are things we hear all the time. Since we are supplement addicts we also plan on testing all of the preworkout drinks too. Monster, Red Bull, and all the big energy drink players. We are going to be so jack3d up on energy drinks we probably won't sleep for weeks.

Pre Workout Supplements For Women

Women and men alike have both have to consider health issues when searching for not only a pre-workout supplement, but any supplement in general. The one thing that separates the quest for a supplement, is pregnancy. This is a biggie. We won't make ANY recommendations for any woman that is pregnant; It's way too risky. We haven't seen too many gender specific pre-workout products available, so making the assertion that we could determine the best pre-workout supplements for women would be a lie. We probably will do some very specific testing in the future, such as teenager / teen supplements, boy / girl teen response, as well as adults and as mentioned in this article, pre-workout supplements and their side-effects (if any) on women. We doubt there is much difference between male and female response when it comes to these products though. But we won't know for sure until we actually put them through the paces.